In the middle of a conversation, this question arrived:

You know, between the two of us, we have spoken to tens of thousands of people all over the world while helping them either as a psychic, a medium or through life coaching.

What are we going to do with all the accumulated knowledge, insights and understandings from those decades of time?

This is the "Why" Avendale is in the world. This is a place where Jarrod and Michael can have insightful conversations about the topics they have been able to help people work through.

"When you have multiple conversations near the same topic, you begin to see patterns emerge, both in the issue itself but also the resolution, how people managed to finally break free from the trouble they had."

Over the course of time, Jarrod and Michael found many similarities in their experiences. However, they also saw the sharp difference in how they helped people work through it. One of them works more in an esoteric and spiritual nature while the other is almost firmly rooted in practical metaphysics.

"We have found that our different styles mesh together and compliment each other. We may see the same thing, yet find different ways to relay that insight or information to people. Together, it presents a very unique experience of truth, compassion and desire to help people."



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